Configuration of SwyxServer 〉 Configuring SwyxServer settings 〉 The "SwyxPhone Firmware Update" tab
The "SwyxPhone Firmware Update" tab
On this tab you can set the data for an automatic firmware update for SwyxPhone, such as the FTP server from which the software is going to be loaded, the corresponding user name and password and the path for the new firmware. “Get” provides you with a selection list of all available firmware files. Define in the drop-down list, which firmware should be distributed to which SwyxPhone.
If you have activated automatic update, the server will check the firmware version of SwyxPhone when you log on. If SwyxPhone identifies a software version other than the one defined here, the SwyxPhone user will be given the opportunity to update the firmware. See Automatic Firmware Update for a SwyxPhone Lxxx.
It may happen that the PhoneManager requests an Update of the SwyxPhone firmware. The menu of the SwyxPhone points out if the automatic updates is not activated.