Configuration of SwyxServer „ÄČ Change log
Change log
Changes that are made to the configuration of users or trunks, or to the feature profiles or the conference rooms, are logged and saved. This means that it is always possible to track which administrator made which changes.
When saving and processing personal data, observe the respective applicable legal data protection regulations.
In SwyxWare for Data Centerand SwyxON , these changes are relevant for customer invoicing.
The changes are stored in the database. In the SwyxWare Administration, the changes are grouped into periods in the "Change log" directory.
In SwyxWare for Data Centerand SwyxON, this period correspond to the reporting period.
At most, the last twelve months (SwyxWare for Data Center and SwyxON: 12 billing periods) are displayed.
The change log cannot be deleted automatically from the database. In order to meet the valid data protection regulations, it may be necessary to delete the entries manually, see Delete change log.