Configuration of SwyxServer Backing up the SwyxWare Database
Backing up the SwyxWare Database
You can back up the database, or restore a previously backed up database.
Database backup is ensured by the service provider in SwyxON.
You can use the program "IpPbxConfig.exe" to back up the SwyxWare database locally and restore it at a later time. You'll find the program in the SwyxWare program directory. Backing up the database is done by making an entry the command line:
IpPbxConfig.exe /backup [/file “<Backup File>“]
If you call the parameter "/backup“ without the parameter "/file", a database backup will be generated in the SwyxWare standard backup directory. A unique file name will be assigned automatically (e.g. "IpPbxBackup-2010-10-18-15-56-07.dat"). If you specify a file name without a path in the parameter '"/file", the file is likewise written to the above directory. When an absolute path is input, the file is stored as specified. A file of the same name already present is not overwritten.
To restore the SwyxWare database, enter in the command line
IpPbxConfig.exe /restore /file “<Backup File>“
To stop Swyx services automatically and restart them automatically after the backup is restored, use the additional parameters "/stop" and "/start".
Note that the database server must have writing access on the directory used for the backup, and reading access for the recovery of the database.