ISDN connections Installation of the ISDN Cards Preparation of the SX2 SinglePRI
Preparation of the SX2 SinglePRI
The connection configuration and the line termination must be configured for each E1 connection of the SX2 SinglePRI before it is inserted.
Requirement for further description: The SX2 SinglePRI is laying in front of you with the PCI plug strip facing down and the E1 connections to the left.
Two jumper fields, which are in the near vicinity of the E1 connection plug, are assigned to the E1 connection. In the following, the field with two jumpers will be referred to as SB2 and the field with five jumpers will be referred to as SB5. The suffixes L and R indicate whether all jumpers of the respective jumper field are inserted to the left (L) or to the right (R). SB5R means, for example, that all jumpers of the SB5 field are inserted on the right.