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Installation of the ISDN Cards
The ISDN card can be installed in the same computer on which the SwyxServer is also installed. In the standard installation, the SwyxGate service is also installed. This service controls the ISDN lines, which appear as ISDN trunk in SwyxWare Administration.
In order to be able to install a SwyxGate on a separate computer, the SwyxServer must already be installed and operable. For the SwyxGate installation you will need
* the server name and
* the name of the domain account, which was created in preparation for the installation of the SwyxServer
Before the ISDN cards are inserted, they must be configured for operation.
A maximum of four SX2 ISDN cards can be operated simultaneously in a system. An SX2 DualPRI is counted as two cards. Mixed operation of different cards is possible, but a maximum of 76 B channels is supported in one computer.
In the knowledgebase you will find an overview of the various available ISDN cards and their combination options, under
FAQ: Overview to different PCI cards and slot types and ways to combine them
Preparation of the SX2 QuadBRI before insertion
Preparation of the SX2 SinglePRI
Preparation of the SX2 DualPRI
Insertion of the ISDN Card
Installation of the software for the ISDN card
Configuration of the ISDN Card