ISDN connections Installation of the ISDN Cards Installation of the software for the ISDN card
Installation of the software for the ISDN card
The computer recognizes the card after the next restart, and the driver software can be installed.
This is how you install the drivers for the ISDN card
1 Follow the instructions given by the hardware wizard.
2 When you are asked to enter the source for the driver, select "Enter other source".
3 Put the SwyxWare DVD into your DVD ROM drive.
Click on ”Next>”.
4 Enter the path on the SwyxWare DVD for the driver files on the SwyxWare DVD
"\ISDN\SX2 Driver"
During the installation of the driver you will be asked to enter the ISDN switching type or the D-channel protocol.
5 Select the ISDN exchange type or the switch protocol used by your telephone company (in Europe this is Euro-ISDN (DSS1)).
Click on ”Next>”.
6 Follow the wizard's instructions and then click on "Finish" in the dialog "Completing the wizard".
You can check to see if the driver installation was successful by checking the entries in the Device Manager in the 'Network Cards' category.
You can check whether the installed ISDN cards function properly by using the utilities supplied on the SwyxWare DVD. See Test Programs for the Card Family.