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Configuration of the ISDN Card
If you would like to connect the card to a direct dialing in line, you must make some configuration changes for the ISDN card driver.
You can change the defined parameters in the driver software of the ISDN card at a later point in time.
This is how you modify the ISDN card driver configuration
1 Run computer management, the simplest possibility: (the easiest way is to use the context menu for "My Computer" on the Windows Desktop).
2 Select "Manage".
The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) will be started.
3 Select "Device Manager" in the console structure.
A list of all installed devices will now be shown on the right. There you will find the following entry under "Network Cards": "SX2 DualPRI".
4 Enter the appropriate settings under “Properties”.
* Select "ISDN Parameters" on the "Advanced" tab.
Select the "Port" tab in the dialog which is displayed.
* Zur To switch to a line configured for direct dialing-in, please choose "Point to Point" and close both this tab and the previous tab by clicking on "OK".
See also Configuration of the ISDN Driver.
If the line is configured as an SX2 card, the LED which is associated with this line will blink. This simplifies the identification when operating several SX2 cards.