ISDN connections Installation of separated Gateways (SwyxGate) Install SwyxGate
Install SwyxGate
The SwyxGate installation is part of the SwyxServer installation.
The installation of SwyxServer is carried out by a Microsoft Windows Installer file. The Windows Installer is an integral component of the Windows operating system.
If you would like to install SwyxGate separately, start the installation as described below.
Local administrator rights are required for the installation of a separate SwyxGate. The user under which the SwyxGate service is operated must be a domain user and a member in the group of SwyxWare administrators on the computer on which the SwyxServer is installed.
How to install SwyxGate
1 Close all Windows applications.
2 Put the SwyxWare DVD into your DVD ROM drive.
The Setup program will start automatically.
In case the setup does not start, double-click on the file autorun.exe, which is located on the SwyxWare DVD.
3 The SwyxWare Setup start page will appear.
4 Select “Install SwyxServer”.
Please follow the instructions and click on “SwyxServer”.
5 Accept the license agreement.
6 Read the latest information.
7 Select here only SwyxGate as the component you would like to install.
The field "Component Description" contains a description, the installation status and the corresponding memory space.
* Destination Folder:
Select the path where the chosen components should be installed. You should not change the default path unless there are very important reasons for doing so.
For the shared files, you can enter the necessary target folder separately (the sub-directory \Share is usually used here).
Disk cost
With the help of “Disk cost” you can display the current disk space allocation of the available disks.
8 Start installation:
* Installation will be carried out when you click “Next>” in this dialog. During this process the required files will be copied and the registration database entries will be made.
Complete the installation using the . See Configuring SwyxGate.