User Configuration User configuration The "Client…" Dialog The “Speed Dials" Tab
The “Speed Dials" Tab
You will also find this tab in the dialog "Button Configuration for User...".
The number of Speed Dials can be defined here. Furthermore, you can assign a number, a label and, if you want, a picture to each Speed Dial.
Users may also assign linked contacts to a speed dial button. Contact data from connected applications (e.g. SwyxPLUS VisualContacts, Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes) are being retrieved, when the user opens the context menu of the speed dial or the contact card.
The link to the connected application can be deactivated via the button. The speed dial button label and number remain saved on the speed dial button.
In addition you can define
* whether the selection of the Speed Dial results in immediate dialing
* whether the display will be deleted when the Speed Dial is selected and
* whether the Speed Dial can be used for an intercom connection.
The intercom connection can only be used if the user who is making the call is signaled the status of the user called.
You can also configure a DTMF suffix on a speed dial. To do this, extend the number with an “x” and then add the corresponding DTMF digits. If you want to create a pause during the second dialing, please enter a colon (,) fore each two seconds.
You would like to dial the number "0231 4777555"; when the connection is created, you would like to transmit the numbers “123” per DTMF. You want to dial the digits 898 after ten seconds. Assign the number “0231 4777555x123,,,,,898” to the Speed Dial.
See also Export and import of speed dials and shortcuts..