User Configuration User configuration The "Client…" Dialog The„Skin“ Tab
The„Skin“ Tab
This tab can be used to define the appearance of SwyxIt! for the selected user. A preview of the skin selected in the drop-down list is displayed.
Furthermore, you can indicate whether the selected user is allowed to modify the appearance of SwyxIt! by editing his/her own skin or by choosing another skin e.g. from the skins provided on the SwyxServer.
The skins that are provided for the user are in the SwyxWare database. Further skins are not installed directly. The administrator can add further skins e.g. from the DVD to the database, and thereby make them available to all users.
See The “Files” Tab.
Mehr Skins finden Sie im Downloadbereich auf der Swyx-Webseite.
System-wide Standard Skin
If you choose the system-wide Standard Skin in the drop-down list, then the skin that was specified by the administrator in the server properties will be selected ( The “Client Preferences” Tab).
If the administrator changes the system-wide Standard Skin (in the server properties), this leads to a change of skin for all users who have configured the Standard Skin here.