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2.1.2 Scripting - Technical Details
In this section you will find a description of the technical processes during the creation and editing of a Rule Book.
If rules, actions or sequences of actions are created using the Call Routing Manager or the Graphical Script Editor, these will be saved as Visual Basic Script (VBScript) in the database. The rules of the Call Routing Managers are saved in the file ‘user_book.srb’. The Graphical Script Editor creates a file called ruleXXX.rse for every rule or actionXXX.ase for every action. In addition, a corresponding VBScript file is created called ruleXXX.vbs or actionXXX.vbs respectively. XXX stands for the name of the rule or action.
If you close the Call Routing Manager, the CRM will compile all rules and actions into a Rule Book, which is then saved in the database as a VBScript called ‘callrouting.vbs’.
If the user now receives a call, this Rule Book will be applied or, in other words, the file ‘callrouting.vbs’ for this user will be executed by SwyxServer . The script ‘callrouting.vbs’ references other script files, which are also automatically started by SwyxServer.