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2.4 Rule Wizard
The Rule Wizard will support you during rule creation and modification. This allows you to simply enter conditions and the sequence of action to be carried out.
Window Layout for the Rule Wizard
The Rule Wizard consists of a series of similar windows.
The “Name of Rule” field contains the name of the edited rule. In the field below this you can choose between several entries or you can enter data directly. The current contents of the rule description are shown in the “This rule will be used…” field.
"<Back” and “Next >“
These are used to move to the dialog field with either the previous or the next step. When a step is completed, all entries will always be checked to ensure that they are correct and complete. If this is not the case, then you will be asked to correct or complete your entries.
This ends the Rule Wizard and all entries are rejected.
This ends the Rule Wizard and saves all entries. This button appears in the last window if you have made all of the necessary entries. You can then check your entries once again using “<Back”. If you exit the Rule Wizard, the rule is activated in the rule book.