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2.5.2 Delete Sequence of Actions
When a sequence of actions is deleted, it is removed from the rule book.
Sequence of actions, which are still in use in rules, cannot be deleted.
This is how you delete a sequence of actions from the rule book
1 Select the sequence of actions to be deleted from the list found under “Name of Sequence of Actions”.
The contents of the sequence of actions are shown under “Used Actions and Sequence of Actions”.
If the selected sequence of actions is still being applied in a rule, in the upper right you will be able to see in which rule it is still in use. It is not possible to delete a sequence of actions which is in use.
2 Click on "Delete".
The window appears which asks if you really want to delete the sequence of actions.
3 Click on "Yes".
The sequence of actions will be deleted from the rule book and it will no longer be displayed.