Internal connections (BRI/PRI) Installation of a gateway with SX2 DualPRI V2 Preparation of the SX2 DualPRI V2 before insertion
Preparation of the SX2 DualPRI V2 before insertion
Before the card is inserted, a jumper is set to establish whether the relay should be used on this card ( SwyxStandby support).
This is how you check the relay status in the card driver
1 Start the configuration of the driver in computer management ( Configuration of the ISDN Card).
2 The relay function must be allowed for one of the two ISDN Controllers.
On the "Advanced" tab, select the entry "ISDN Parameter".
The status of the relay function is indicated in the information field "Standby Information:".
"Standby relay status: enabled / disabled".
If the status is "disabled" for both ISDN controllers, the relay function is deactivated. There will be no through-connection of the external line to the sub-PBX if SwyxWare is disabled.