SwyxWare installation Preparation for Installation Installation for Calendar-Based Call Management Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
If Exchange Server 2003 is being used, additional requirements will apply. Please disregard this chapter, if you are using a more recent Exchange Server version.
SwyxWare component „Exchange 2003 Compatibility“
This component has to be activated during the SwyxWare installation, -Run SwyxWare Setup, step (7).
Moreover, SwyxServer must be able to access the Microsoft Exchange Server via the MAPI interface. This is achieved by creating a user in the Exchange Server. This user has to use the same Windows user account (‘swyxpbx’) under which the SwyxWare services are started. See Preparation for Installation
You then install the Microsoft Outlook Client software on the SwyxServer to create a MAPI profile. After these required steps have been completed, you need to configure an Outlook profile for the user account (‘swyxpbx’). Make sure that you use this user account (‘swyxpbx’) to log on locally to the WindowsServer for the configuration described below.
Before the installation of SwyxServer, Outlook must not only be configured for the user (‘swyxpbx’) but also have been started once.
If you want to install an Exchange Server on the same computer on which SwyxServer also runs, please do not install the Microsoft Outlook client software.
How to configure the Outlook profile for SwyxServer
1 The Outlook symbol on the Desktop and click on “Next” in the dialog which appears.
2 Select the option "Company or Work Group" from the possibilities listed.
Click on ”Next>”.
3 Select “Microsoft Exchange Server” as the information service.
Click on ”Next>”.
4 In the dialog which follows, enter the name of your Microsoft Exchange Server and the name of the user account (‘swyxpbx’) under which the SwyxWare services run and for which you have created a mailbox in the Exchange Server. Click on ”Next>”.
5 Select “No” in the dialog which follows because you do not use the computer while traveling.
Click on ”Next>”.
6 Click "Finish".
After these steps have been completed, SwyxServer can access the Exchange Server via the MAPI interface. Calendar-Based Call Management is now available to the SwyxWare users.
If you install the Outlook profile for SwyxServer (MAPI) after installing SwyxWare, you have to change settings for the present users manually.