System Requirements Software requirements Mailserver for Voicemail
Mailserver for Voicemail
To send voice mails you will need an SMTP mail server that can be contacted by SwyxServer.
SMTP authentication (user name and password) is supported.
In order to remotely check voice mails, the mail server must support IMAP4 protocol. During remote inquiries, SwyxServer uses this protocol to access the user's mailbox, in order to play upon demand the voice mails stored.
Microsoft Exchange Server for Call Management
This function is not available for SwyxON.
With the SwyxWare, Call Routing Manager further offers calendar-based call management. This feature requires a Microsoft Exchange Server, which has to be accessible via MAPI interface (Exchange 2003) or Exchange Web Services (Exchange 2007 or higher). In order to ensure this, we recommend the installation of a Microsoft Outlook Client on the SwyxServer.
See Installation for Calendar-Based Call Management.
IBM Domino Server for Call Management
If you have a IBM Notes environment, you can also carry out an integration for calendar based call management.
See IBM Notes integration
Virus Scanner
If you operate a virus scanner on the computer on which SwyxServer is installed, you should exclude the database files from the scan process.