User Configuration Conference Conference Rooms
Conference Rooms
A conference room allows users to meet independently of each other. A Conference Room is represented by the internal number of a specific user known as “Conference”. The name “Conference” can only be changed by the Administrator with the help of the . The Conference Room can be called by the conference participants independently of one another. The arrival of a caller in the conference room is signaled by a tone. The same is true for the departure from a conference.
A Conference Room is set up by assigning numbers to the user labeled “Conference” as you would for a normal user.
See The “Numbers” Tab.
Each internal number of the user labeled “Conference” represents a different Conference Room. It is now possible to create rules for this user with the help of the Call Routing Manager in order to limit access to the Conference Rooms for example by PIN request, number of the caller or time of day.
For further information, please refer to the SwyxIt! documentation.
In a SwyxWare for Data Center and SwyxON environment, the configured conference rooms are counted separately in the license report.
To add or remove a conference room is the same as to add or remove an internal number to the user "Conference". These changes will be written in the change log.
See Change log.