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Silent conference participation
Silent participants, i.e. participants who can listen to the conference call but not speak (ListenOnly), can be allowed to take part in conferences in conference rooms.
This functionality is implemented through an addition to the number of the conference room, the character sequence '#OWC'.
Please note that the complete string of digits (number of conference room#OWC) must be dialed as a block number.
The entry / departure of a silent conference participant is also announced by an audio signal. This signal is different from the usual entry/departure signal to indicate that this participant cannot take part in the conference call.
Application example:
You set up a conference room with the internal number '219'.
With the help of you create a script that accepts calls to the number 219 and requests entry of a PIN. Depending on the entered pin, the call is branched: Callers who enter the sequence 1234 are forwarded directly into the conference (block 'Deliver'; to number '219'); callers who enter the sequence 6789 are also forwarded into the conference, but as listeners (block "Deliver'; to number '219#OWC').