• 2 Call Routing • Editing the Rule Book • Creating new rules
2.3.5 Creating new rules
New rules are created by using the Rule Wizard or the Graphical Script Editor. The Rule Wizard will guide you through various sections (situations, calls, times, exceptions, actions), which are required when creating a new rule.
This is how you create a new user rule
1 Click on "New Rule…".
The window “New Rule” appears.
2 If you have the authorization to use the Graphical Script Editor, you can now choose what you want to use to create the new rule, otherwise the Rule Wizard"" window will immediately appear.
*If you select the option “Rule Wizard”, the Rule Wizard will appear.
*If you select the “Graphical Script Editor” option here, the the Graphical Script Editor will be opened.
In order for rules, which were created using the Graphical Script Editor to be edited by the SwyxServer, the ‘Extended Call Routing’ option pack must be installed on the server.