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2.3.6 Modify Rule
Changes to existing user rules must be made with the program used to create the rule. I.e. User rules, which are marked with a , are edited using the Rule Wizard. The Rule Wizard will guide you through various steps (situations, calls, times, exceptions, actions), which are required when modifying a user rule. User rules, which are marked with a or are edited using the Graphical Script Editor. .
System rules cannot be altered. It is only possible to change the parameters, e.g. the number to which the call should be redirected.
This is how you modify a user rule
1 In the window, click on the rule you want located under "use the following Rules in this order".
The contents of the rule will be shown under “Description: This rule will be used…”.
2 Click on "Modify".
The window of the corresponding editing program appears.
Double-clicking a rule will also call the appropriate editing program.
In order to edit parameters of System Rules, see 2.7 System Rules.