• 2 Call Routing • Defining Actions • Modify Action (modifying the parameters of an action)
2.5.5 Modify Action (modifying the parameters of an action)
You will find the description of the action currently highlighted under “Description”. If an action requires additional information (parameters), for example, the telephone number, day of the week or time, the exact value is shown underlined (1.8 Sequence of Actions).
Only the parameters of a given action will be modified; the parameters of other actions will not be affected by this change.
This is how you modify an action within a sequence of actions
1 Select the sequence of actions to be modified from the list found under “Name of Sequence of Actions”.
The contents of the sequence of actions are shown under “Used Actions and Sequence of Actions”.
2 There you can select the action you would like to modify.
You will find a brief explanation under “Description”.
3 You have several options:
*Click on "Properties".
*Click the underlined parameter found under “Description”.
In each case, a window containing the current values for this action’s parameters will appear (you will find more information on the available actions in 2.6 Parameters of the Actions).
4 Enter the values you want here.
5 Click on “OK”.
The modified sequence of actions is shown under “Used Actions and Sequence of Actions” and “Description”.
Double-clicking the action will also display the window with the current values for the action’s parameters.