• 2 Call Routing • Parameters of the Actions • Play Announcement
2.6.1 Play Announcement
The action “Play Announcement” plays an announcement for the caller. If the call has not yet been picked up, it will automatically be picked up before this action is executed.
The action is terminated
*when the caller goes on hook (termination of the call),
*after the announcement has been played.
This is how you set the parameters for the action used to play an announcement
1 Define the announcement.
You have several options:
*From the dropdown list select a file.
*Browse your hard drive by clicking on .
*Click on, to listen to the selected file. Click on to stop playing the file.
*To record a new announcement, click on : You will now be prompted to enter a file name. The “Start Recording” window will appear. Click on “Start” to begin recording the announcement. Stop recording by clicking on .
*To delete the selected file, click on .
The WAV files, which the administrator has made available to all users, have the extension “(Template)” in the file name. These templates cannot be deleted.
2 Click on “OK”.