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2.6.4 Send email
The action “Send E-mail” sends an e-mail, which can contain a recorded message (2.6.7 Record Message).
You must first record a message if you want to send it in an email.
You can individually design a subject line and the e-mail text for the e-mail. For both of these entries, it is possible to use a placeholder for specific call information which is automatically replaced with the appropriate value bySwyxServer when the e-mail is sent.
The following placeholders are possible:
*%n = the telephone number of the caller
*%u = the name of the caller, only in the case of internal calls
*%d = the date and time at the time when executing an action (format: DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS)
*%l = length of the recorded file (saved temporary file), which is stored on the SwyxServer (Format: mm:ss).
The action will be ended after the e-mail is sent.
Please remember that messages which are less than 2 seconds long will not be forwarded.
This is how you set the parameters for the action which sends voice message as an e-mail
1 Enter the recipient of the E-mail in the field “Send E-mail to”.
2 Enter the subject of the e-mail in the field “Subject”.
3 Enter the text of the E-mail in the field “Body”.
4 Activate "Attach recorded messages" to send the recorded file as an attachment.
5 Click on “OK”.