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2.6.5 Remote Inquiry
The number of voice messages, which are made available for remote retrieval, is limited to the most recent hundred .
A differentiation is made between
*the standard Remote Inquiry
This Remote Inquiry is for a user in all rules the same (standard) Remote Inquiry. This Remote Inquiry can also be directly defined in the redirection rules of SwyxIt! Classic. If the standard Remote Inquiry is changed, it will be changed for all other redirection rules as well!
*a special Remote Inquiry
This Remote Inquiry is defined in the Call Routing Manager for a particular rule, for example with a special password. The standard Remote Inquiry is not changed in this case.
You will receive a PIN (Personal Identification Number) from your administrator. If, in addition to your SwyxPhone, you also have the option of configuring the standard remote inquiry in SwyxIt! Classic, you can also change the PIN there.
This is how you define the parameters for standard Remote Inquiry or a special Remote Inquiry
1 Define whether you would like to use your normal Standard Remote Inquiry (with or without PIN) or whether you would like to use a special Remote Inquiry for this action (e.g. with a different PIN):
2 Here you define the PIN with which you will identify yourself later during Remote Inquiry. Select a non-trivial sequence of numbers with a minimum of five numbers and confirm it.
If you configure the Standard Remote Inquiry within a redirection or system rule, you will always be asked for your user PIN. If you are calling from your own extension number, for which this Call Forwarding was configured, you will not be asked for your PIN.
3 Enter the PIN in the field "Confirm PIN:" once again.