• 2 Call Routing • System Rules • Standard Remote Inquiry
2.7.6 Standard Remote Inquiry
Remote inquiry allows you to listen to the voice messages from any telephone line. When calling your SwyxWarenumber, you identify yourself to SwyxWare using your PIN and can then listen to, repeat and, if necessary, delete first the new and then all existing voice messages. In addition, you can change the destination of the Call Forwarding Unconditional or record a new announcement.
This is how you define the parameters for Standard Remote Inquiry
1 Define the PIN (Personal Identification Number) to be used for identification and confirm this here.
Select a five-digit, non-trivial sequence of numbers and confirm it.
If you configure the Standard Remote Inquiry within a Call Forwarding or system rule, you will always be asked for your user PIN. There is no checkbox for this. If you are calling from your own extension number, for which this Call Forwarding was configured, you will not be asked for your PIN.
2 Confirm your input by clicking on "OK".
If your password for the mail server is changed, you must also change the password here.
With the help of your information, it is now possible for SwyxServer to query the mail server during a remote inquiry and to provide you with the voice messages.