Cross-network connections Internet connection via SwyxRemoteConnector Configuration of SwyxIt! Using client certificates for RemoteConnector
Using client certificates for RemoteConnector
SwyxIt! requires a valid client certificate for setting up a secure RemoteConnector connection.
If the client certificate was generated automatically ( "Use automatically generated certificate"), then SwyxIt! will load it automatically, e.g. as soon as the user is logged onto the company network or if a RemoteConnector connection is already established with an older client certificate when generating a client certificate. Alternatively, you can export the certificate out of SwyxWare administration as a PFX file ( Exporting an automatically generated certificate) and import it into the Windows certificate memory on the user's computer ( How to import a client certificate). In this case, the client certificate will then have to be selected in the SwyxIt! connection settings ( How to select the Client certificate in SwyxIt! connection settings.).
If SwyxWare is running in manual certificate mode, then you will have to configure the thumb print in SwyxWare administration ( How to enter the Client certificate's thumbprint).
Prior to importing, have the password ready that was used to protect the client certificate during exporting.
In SwyxON, the password for the generation of the Client certificate is not required.
How to import a client certificate
1 Open the PFX file.
The Windows certificate import assistant will open.
2 Follow the steps laid out in the Certificate Import Wizard. Make sure to mark the private key as exportable and save the certificate under "Certificates - Current user | Own certificates | Certificates".
3 Wait until the confirmation for successful import appears and click on "OK."
The client certificate has been imported and saved in Windows certificate storage.
How to select the Client certificate in SwyxIt! connection settings.
1 Start SwyxIt!, click on “Settings| Local Settings”, and open the “Local Settings” tab.
2 Click on the "More" button.
The "RemoteConnector" dialog window will appear.
3 Activate the “Manual" option in the "Certificate" area.
4 Select the imported client certificate in the drop-down list.
5 Confirm this with “OK”.
The client certificate is now set for the Internet connection and used for authenticating to SwyxServer.