SwyxWare installation Preparation for Installation User account for the SwyxWare components
User account for the SwyxWare components
The SwyxWare components are Windows Server services and should run under a separate domain user account which provides them with access to system resources. When doing this, please do not use the predefined, local administrator account, nor another user account with administrator rights.
SwyxWare Is installed and updated by a user with local administrator rights. The user account for the installation must be allowed to add domain user accounts to groups.
The configuration or administration of SwyxWare can be executed by a user who has been assigned corresponding administrator rights in the SwyxWare Administration. See Administration profiles. He does not need to have any local administrator rights.
How to prepare for installation
1 Create a new domain user, e.g. called ‘swyxpbx’.
The domain rights of the user account are absolutely essential if
* SwyxWare components such as, SwyxServer, SwyxGate and SwyxPhoneSupport are to be installed on more than one computer,
* Fax documents are to be output to a network printer. In this case, the user under which the "SwyxFax Printer Gateway" service is running must have access rights on the network printer.
* the SwyxStandby option pack is to be installed or
* the Calendar-Based Call Management (access to e.g. a Microsoft Exchange server) is to be used. In this case please execute also step (2).
2 If you want to use Calendar-Based Call Management within the Call Routing Manager, you must, before installing SwyxWare, install the Outlook profile for the SwyxServer user account (‘swyx pbx’) Installation for Calendar-Based Call Management).