Configuration of SwyxServer „ÄČ Pre-Configured Users and Groups
Pre-Configured Users and Groups
Some groups and users are created during a standard installation of SwyxServer.
The User "Operator"
The script "Operator" is installed for this user. The groups "Sales" and "Support" are installed together with this user. After the installation, a number is not yet assigned to the user "Operator".
See Operator (AutoAttendant).
In order to log on as Operator using SwyxIt!, you must assign a Windows user account or a password to Operator. To do this, open the administration for the user "Operator" in the SwyxWare Administration.
See The "Authentication" Tab.
The first time you log on as Operator using SwyxIt!, the Recording Wizard will start and assist you in recording the necessary announcements. You can start this wizard once again at any time from the menu bar of SwyxIt! (under Settings|Recording Wizard...).
The User "Conference"
This user is necessary for the integrated "Conference" function. It does not represent a single conference room, but is used to manage all conference rooms.
See Conference Rooms.
The Group "Everyone"
The group "Everyone" includes all users, who are set up on this SwyxServer. Therefore, as members of this group, all users will be assigned the default call handling.
See Default call handling.
The Groups "Sales" and "Support"
Both of these groups are created together with the user "Operator". The call handling for the operator forwards both of these groups. After installation, both groups receive the user "Operator" as only member.
See Operator (AutoAttendant).