Configuration of SwyxServer Registration on SwyxWare Administration
Registration on SwyxWare Administration
For information on installing the SwyxWare Administration, please see Installation of the SwyxWare Administration You can additionally install the SwyxWare Administration on further computers on the network and administer SwyxWare remotely ( Separated Services).
Forcing password changes
Complex passwords
Limited number of log-in attempts
When saving and processing personal data, observe the respective applicable legal data protection regulations.
Personal data cannot be deleted automatically. In order to meet the valid data protection regulations, it may be necessary to delete the entries manually.
Note that you also need the corresponding rights for the administration of SwyxWare. See Administration profiles.
How to log on SwyxWare Administration to
1 Double-click on the appropriate symbol on the Windows Desktop or select the Start Menu entry.
The “SwyxWare Login” window will appear.
2 You can choose between
* Logon with Windows user account (Not possible in SwyxWare for Data Center and SwyxON)
You authenticate yourself with the Windows user account with which you have just logged on.
* Login with User Name / Password
You can also log on with a SwyxWare user name and a password. The access information can be stored on the computer currently being used in the user profile of the Windows user logged on. This information will then no longer be queried in further logins.
* Logon with authentication toke (only in SwyxON)
Platform and partner level administrators can log on with a UC tenant’s SwyxWare Administrationvia an authentication token for a limited period, see also WAN connections