VisualGroups 1.10
1 Installing VisualGroups
System requirements
Backing up and restoring
Changing VisualGroups storage directories
Changing the trace level for VisualGroups files
Unattended Installation
Obtaining VisualGroups via SwyxON
Using VisualGroups together with SwyxWare groups
2 Configuring VisualGroups
Configuring initially
Further configuring
Creating, editing and deleting queues
Call Strategies
Strategy "None": Function inactive
Strategy "Intelligent": Default
Strategy "Simple": Based on the number of connected calls
Strategy "Pure": Based on the number of connected queue calls
Strategy "Skill based": Distribution of callers based on to skills & skill level of the users
Strategy "Parallel": Call is placed simultaneously to all users in the queue
Last agent routing
Adding, editing and deleting users
Wrap-up time
Callback function
Opening/closing times
Skill based routing
Assign queue to phone number
Use own audio file for queue
Create, edit and request regular reports
Editing SMTP server settings
Set the language of the user interface and number of VisualGroups lines in the client
Privacy settings
LDAP Search Query
Set default language
Categorization of calls
Running VisualGroups over HTTPS/SSL
Access VisualGroups via Remote Connector
Permissions of the administration profiles
3 Using SwyxIt! with VisualGroups
Logging in or out of queues
Defining the settings for Windows Server
User interface
Displaying or hiding queues
Answering calls manually
Forwarding calls to other users
Deactivating Automatic Call Delivery
Categorizing calls
Callback request: Calling callers back
Defining criteria for automatic call delivery
Defining the waiting time until the automatic call delivery (time criterion)
Defining the number of callers for automatic call delivery (quantity criterion)
Defining the call dispatch
Prioritising incoming calls according to queues
Tracking missed calls
Filter Statistics
Evaluate reports
4 Wallboards
Creating and editing wallboards
Displaying a wallboard
Example view: Summary
Example view: List
Example view: Userinfo
Deleting a wallboard
Calculation of wallboard parameters and sample configurations.
App. A: Appendix
Distribution of Calls according to Default extension